My media must reads

I created this beat with the intent of focusing on hard news stories. But I don’t want to limit my reading and research from other possible news interests – travel, arts, entertainment, culture, health, technology, business and the like. After all, Professor Kennedy encouraged us to stray away from the beats of our class blogs if there are other topics of interest we discover throughout the semester. But, for now, I would like to begin by focusing on main news blogs from reliable and well-known sources. As the semester progresses, I hope to expand my searches.

I think Breaking News on Twitter is a great website to start searching for instantly updated stories. Twitter posts refer to a variety of topics, which make the website a satisfactory first source of news. I work for The Boston Globe’s Metro section. When I am at work, editors encourage me to refer to Twitter to find breaking news stories. If I ever need to find the basic facts of a story, I can rely on Twitter to give me a two-sentence synopsis of an event that might have happened 30 seconds ago. Whereas, on a blog related to The New York Times or The Globe, stories are not posted online as instantaneously as on Twitter.

I would also like to look at the blog directory for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Time. Again, I am trying to maintain a broad foundation of information, so I don’t want to limit my research to one, particular Wall Street Journal, New York Times or Time blog. After discovering an instant update on Twitter, I might then look at a Wall Street Journal or a New York Times blog for more information, or for an in-depth look at the progressions of a certain story.

But any acceptable media blogger would fail unless referring to Professor Dan Kennedy’s Media Nation blog. Although I don’t plan on covering the same topics as the award-winning journalist does, I won’t say I will never discuss the important topics in my blog.

I would also like to mention Poynter’s blog. I think the blog helps the public make sense of general news in the digital era by analyzing the impact of emerging sources of news and information on public life. The influx of new media presents a lack of self-restraint and a problem of figuring out how to digest the multitude of information constantly presented to us. I have found myself more times than not trying to weed through an abundance of information to discover what is actually important.

Last, I just started following the Atlantic Wire, and I want to add it to my list of blogs to read. Even though it tracks opinion blogs, the debates about politics and business might spark an interest for one of my posts someday.

And I think it goes without saying that I will need to visit many mainstream news websites, such as (but not limited to),,, and to be able to compare different media outlets’ portrayals of stories.

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