Away we go

As of 3:15 this afternoon, I decided to change the beat of my blog. Don’t get me wrong: I love the news and analyzing media outlets’ varying editorial decisions. But I am surrounded by discussions focusing on the media in all of my classes. While I wrote the first three posts, I knew I needed a narrower focus for my beat. So, instead of trying to figure that out, I completely switched gears: To Egypt, a country I don’t know much about, but am traveling to four months from now.

As the information on my “Hello!” page now reflects, I am traveling to Egypt in May and June this year for five weeks as part of a journalism study abroad program, known as a Dialogue of Civilizations (DOC) program at Northeastern University. I was accepted into the program the day after Christmas, and I have been looking forward to the trip ever since. The DOC’s focus on international reporting, source development and story writing will help cultivate my skills and build my resume for future jobs. I would never eliminate the opportunity to become a foreign correspondent in the future. Developing reporting and writing skills in a foreign country and culture will further my knowledge of the world and improve my journalistic abilities.

Egyptian camel caravan

Among other eye-opening experiences, the DOC will allow me to maintain a blog – an important feature for a developing multimedia journalist. I anticipate that this class blog will increase my knowledge about Egypt so I can understand more about the country before I travel there. Throughout the five weeks, I will conduct research, speak with Egyptians firsthand and travel to places throughout the country with 22 other Northeastern journalism and photojournalism students. By immersing myself in the Egyptian culture and living in a foreign environment for more than a month, I will enhance both my academic and personal perspectives about the world.

But, for now, I will explore all about Egypt.

Inserted photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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