Boston demonstrators unite for Egyptian government reform

At least 100 protesters peacefully marched around Copley Square in Boston on Saturday afternoon for five hours to speak out against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

For more photos from the protest, click on the image.

Anti-government demonstrators gathered outside Trinity Church as news came of Vice President Omar Suleiman and other top military leaders in Egypt beginning discussions to limit Mubarak’s decision-making authority.

Despite rain and cold temperatures, the Boston protesters held signs calling for democracy, waved Egyptian flags, beat drums and chanted for President Barack Obama to pressure Mubarak.

Omar Duwaji, a senior business major at Northeastern University, led the protesters’ chants with a megaphone. Some of the chants included, “Hey, Obama, take a stand, hands off Egypt, we demand!” and “From the river to the sea, Egypt, Egypt will be free!”

“The most important goal of the protest is to spread awareness on the situation in Egypt. The fact that our tax dollars are used to fund a brutal dictatorship is simply outrageous,” Duwaji said.

Some American protesters attended the demonstration to support Egyptian government reform. Other attendees, such as Salma Mohamed, 16, of Shrewsbury, are of Egyptian descent and are concerned for their families living abroad.

“What I care about now is my country and for it to be well,” she said. “I’m here to support my country no matter what.”

Emad Abd Elmalek, 30, of Boston, has two family members living in Egypt. He could not communicate with his mother or sister for 10 days, he said.

“Enough is enough. We need democracy. I’d rather be with them in Egypt, but we have a lot to do here, too: To put pressure on Mubarak,” he said.

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