Gas prices…ouch!

I spent my spring break last week in California visiting a friend who is interning at a pharmacy in Carlsbad for four months. While I was on the West Coast for eight days, I explored Disneyland, Old Town San Diego, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Santa Monica pier. The temperature never rose above 70 degrees, but anything beats the freezing New England weather. Several nights I had the chance to run a few miles around Pacific Beach during sunset. To say the least, I enjoyed my spring break.

Gas prices continue to soar.

Although, I did not appreciate paying $4.08 in Los Angeles for each gallon of gas for our rental car. It was outrageous that I had to pay more than four dollars per gallon. I remember when I started driving six years ago and gas had not even reached three dollars. I thought it was expensive to pay $2.50 then. Now look at the prices. Throughout the week I was deprived of watching and reading about the news on a daily basis. As a result, I was unaware until yesterday that the entire country is experiencing soaring gas prices. It makes me appreciate living in a city and relying on public transportation when I am at school. I knew gas prices were expected to rise this summer, but I thought the hefty prices in California were only the result of driving through Los Angeles. But I was wrong.

Americans are paying an average of $3.51 per gallon to fill up their gas tanks. Oil prices rose today to a 29-month high in New York as escalating violence in Libya raised concern that supply disruptions may spread, according to the Chicago Tribune. Pump prices have jumped an average of 44 cents per gallon since the beginning of the year, propelled by a $20 per barrel oil price increase since December 2010, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Even though my dad works in the oil business, I am not an oil expert. But, from what I heard on the news yesterday and today, it seems many people are blaming unrest in the Arab world for the skyrocketing gas prices. The flow of oil from Libya has been disrupted by the uprisings. Saudi Arabia has pledged that it stands ready to cover any resulting shortfall in global supply. But what if the country experiences the next revolution in the region? The Christian Science Monitor attributes increasing oil prices to an American “fear factor” because we are uncertain about the oil supply in the future.

The question still lingers about Egypt having a democratic government. But, now Americans are wondering if oil prices will eventually fall or continue to rise.

In the meantime, check out the gas prices at your local Massachusetts gas stations.

Inserted photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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