Fighting injustice, one country at a time

When Boston demonstrators peacefully united downtown for Egyptian government reform on Feb. 9, Northeastern University’s Omar Duwaji led the crowd’s chants. I attended the event in Copley Square to take photographs for a class assignment. While I was there, I witnessed Duwaji step into a leadership role that helped make other people aware of the uprising in Egypt.

While battling rain and cold temperatures, Duwaji unified protesters with chants that included, “Mubarak, Mubarak, you are done. Egypt, Egypt, we’ll overcome!” and “Hey, Obama, take a stand, hands off Egypt, we demand!”

Last week I spoke with the senior business major for an article to submit to the Campus Celebrities portion of Her Campus Northeastern. Interestingly, I discovered that Duwaji, who also teaches Arabic to children and is involved with Students for Justice in Palestine at Northeastern, doesn’t have any intention of following through with his business degree; he wants to be a foreign correspondent to further his passion for social activism:

“I feel like I have lots to bring to the table, and I think I could benefit.”

To read the full story about this student social activist, click here.

To view additional photographs from the Feb. 9 demonstration, click here.

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